Savings Analysis

We will review your merchant processing statement closely to find hidden fees and optimize your savings. With a comprehensive side by side savings analysis you will know exactly what you would be saving with Eternity Payments. Our Cost Savings Guarantee reassures our merchants that they will always receive the most competitive rate in the industry now and for as long as they are a partner of Eternity Payments.

Cost Savings

Eternity Payments offers processing services that are competitively priced and designed to meet the unique requirements of a growing business. Eternity Payments wants to help you secure a competitive processing rate with unparalleled service.  Let Eternity Payments help your business run smoothly with a partner that can support you now and as you grow in the future.

Our customers love their side-by-side savings comparison. By submitting your processing statement you will receive a savings analysis guaranteed to beat your current rates and fees. Most of our business owners save thousands of dollars in minutes.

Side by Side Savings Analysis

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No Obligation Savings Analysis

Savings Analysis and Merchant Consultation

Your Business Consultation Includes:

  • Side by side savings analysis

  • Break down of rates and fees

  • Interchange analysis

  • Understanding your statement

  • PCI Compliance

  • PA-DSS validation

  • Payments best practices

  • How to prevent fraud

  • Cost Savings Guarantee

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There are so many different fees that are placed on customer’s statement. It can be hard to tell which fees are real and what fees are made up. membership fees, access fees and compliance fees are just a few examples of the many junk fees. We help you identify these fees and eliminate any Junk Fees.  There are many of them, so beware of:

  • Administrative fees

  • MID Qualified

  • NON Qualified

  • Data Breach

  • Monthly vs Daily

  • Membership fees

  • Non Compliance

  • Annual Fees

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