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EMV credit card terminals and Chip Card payment processing have been spreading across the country since 2015. Eternity Payments provides a wide variety of options to accept EMV/Chip cards for your business. We have partnered with companies across the industry to offer you the latest technology of secure payment processing terminals.

EMV technology lowers the Merchant’s risk of fraudulent charges from stolen cards. To protect our merchants and help them reduce charge-backs Eternity Payments offers a full line of EMV Compliant solutions. EMV has become the new global standard in accepting credit card payments and we are here to keep you on track with all of the latest technology solutions.

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VX 520 EMV IP Dial Terminal

VX 520 EMV IP/Dial Terminal

Get more of what you want in a countertop payment device with Eternity Payments’ Ip/Dial Solution. Delivering unprecedented performance, lighting-fast speeds and uncompromising security, this power-packed payment device works hard for your business. Engineered with features that move more transactions and open more revenue opportunities, Eternity Payments takes transactions to a more profitable level.

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FD 130 WIFI IP Terminal

FD 130 WIFI/IP Terminal

The FD130 Terminal from Eternity Payments is an affordable solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in compact, feature-rich devices. The FD130 uses cutting edge secure WIFI technology to enable you to accept transactions when a customer presents you with an EMV card. This terminal saves our merchants from having to run an internet line. 

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PAX S90 Wireless EMV Terminal

PAX S90 Wireless EMV Terminal 

PAX’s S90 mobile POS terminal has been designed to offer superior wireless performance, embedded in a ruggedized yet stylish form factor. With a large memory and high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular wireless terminals with merchants today. The S90 is an ideal payment device for use in transportation and delivery services, airline in-flight services, parking services, mobile vendors, and any application where internet and telephone connectivity is unavailable.

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