Gift Cards

Consumer Demand

Few products over the past decade have resonated with consumers like gift cards. As plastic came to replace writing checks for most consumers, gift cards also came to replace paper certificates. Consumers have come to expect Gift and loyalty Cards as a standard product available at virtually any business. So why not give the customer what they want?

Brand Recognition

Consumers have an overwhelming number of choices when they shop. How will they recognize and remember your business? Your brand is what helps customers separate you from your competition. Extending your brand to your Gift and loyalty Cards not only helps to establish your product as a premium, it helps to promote your identity among your customers and those around them.

Starting your gift card program is just the beginning. There are a number of ways that you can augment your card program to market and grow your business. Let Eternity Payments show you how to take it to the next level.

Gift and Loyalty Cards increase a merchant’s revenues
  • Multi Location Pooling
  • Direct Mail
  • State of the Art Card Processing
  • Data Reliability
  • Virtual Cards
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Gift Card Redemption
  • Reports
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Loyalty Cards

Gift and Loyalty Cards increase a merchant’s revenues

Increased Revenue

Loyalty Cards increase a merchant’s revenues by driving return traffic to that store by offering an incentive tied to frequent shopping.

Studies have shown it far less expensive to retain an existing customer than to find a new one. Loyalty Cards allow a merchant flexibility in creating programs that reward return business and promote customer retention.
  • Flexible program parameters that scale to fit the growing needs of your business
  • High quality standard or custom card designs
  • Reporting and customer card registration available to keep in touch with your most valuable asset…your customer
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